PupLid hats are designed with comfort and adjustability in mind to provide a custom fit for each dog’s unique head shape and size. Combining fun and vibrant graphics along with maximum size customization, PupLid hats are as functional as they are stylish.

Furfect Fit System

Huh? Furfect what? These are dog hats, right?

Right, they ARE dog hats NOT human hats. Dog heads vary greatly from breed to breed unlike our (mostly) round human heads. We had to create a brand new system to allow maximum adjust-ability while keeping the hat securely and comfortably in place.

We started the PupLid project to help provide stylish sun protection for sun sensitive pets. For this to work, it was essential that the hat stay in place. We didn't want to recreate the wheel so we looked at other pet hats and nothing worked. The hats slip down over their eyes, the ropes got snagged and the clips got caught on their fur. No wonder why dogs don't like to wear (those) hats.

Our patent-pending Furfect Fit™ system has elastic loops secured to the four corners of the hat providing superior stability. The soft velcro chinstraps slide freely along the elastic loops to adapt to your dog's unique head and neck. An innovative slider then locks everything in place for a Furfect Fit™ every time!

How to Put on a PupLid

Open the velcro chinstrap and place the PupLid on your dog's head. The Brim should sit just above the line of the brow. Gently pull their ears through the two straps on each side.

Fasten the chinstrap under your dog's chin making sure to leave about two fingers of space between the chinstrap and your dog's neck. Snug but not tight. To remove the hat, unfasten the chinstrap and gently slide the loop straps off the ears.
Adjust placement by sliding the chinstrap up and down the side straps. To position the hat forward on the head, shorten the front loop straps while lengthening the back straps. To position a hat further back on the head, lengthen the front loop straps while shortening the back straps.
Once the right position is found, slide the side toggles down to lock the chinstrap position in place. Now, pat your dog and say: “Good dog!” and you’re off.