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PupLid hats are designed with comfort and adjustability in mind to provide a custom fit of each dog’s unique head shape and size. Combining fun and vibrant graphics along with maximum size customization, PupLid hats are as functional as they are stylish.

Chin Closure and Adjustment

The hook and loop closure allows for a secure and customized fit underneath the chin. Fasten the chinstraps to where you can fit two fingers between the chinstrap and your pet’s chin. This will help provide a secure fit without being too snug. To remove the hat, quickly release the closure by pulling the chinstraps apart.


Micro Adjustment

The side toggles allow for micro adjustments to accommodate the diverse shapes and sizes of dogs’ heads and ears. By simply sliding the toggle up and down, the side straps can be custom fit to your pet’s liking.

Small and large hat sizes additionally have side strap loop mechanisms. To position a hat forward on the head, shorten the front loop straps while lengthening the back straps. To position a hat further back on the head, lengthen the front loop straps while shortening the back straps. Once the right fit is found, slide the toggles down to lock the loop straps in place.

Optional Extension Straps

Extension Straps are a free add-on option with every hat. they are useful for dogs with thicker necks or larger heads. This optional strap attaches to the PupLid chinstrap for added length to help ensure that your dog’s PupLid fits them perfectly. If you wish to have one select the option in the product page after the size and color options.

* Currently offered in blue and red colors. Should you order a pink hat, you will be sent Red extender straps.

How to Use
Each side of the Extension Strap secures to one of the chinstraps on the PupLid.
  1. Unhook the left and right chinstraps from each other on the PupLid.
  2. Attach the Extension Strap to each one, acting as a bridge between the two.
  3. Adjust the placement to lengthen or shorten the final size.
  4. Cut the excess strap as needed for the perfect fit. Fasten the strap to where you can fit two fingers between the Extension Strap and your pet’s chin.

PupLid Trucker Hat Extender Straps


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