Dogs love their PupLids! Here is what their humans are saying...

"The best hat ever! Thank you so much for protecting my baby's eyes!"
- Alexandra M

"Puplids are a life changer!! Thank you so much for creating them!! He would always hide his face. At first we thought he was resting but he doesn’t do it anymore since the puplid. His eyes must be sensitive to the sun."
- Sandi M and @cavalier.alfie

"I think your PupLids are the best quality made hats out on the market."
- Patricia

"I really love and believe in your product. Being white Alfie burns so easily on the top of his nose and with the Puplid not only does he look that much cuter but I don't have to apply sunscreen."
- Maria and @myalfiedoodle

"Great fit. Ordered for tiny yorkie and it fits perfectly."
- Lisa, ordered xxs

"Best hats ever!!! Gringy had a tumor removed off his eye and the vet said he needed a hat from now on! I’m so thankful for you guys!! And everyone talks to us about his hat everywhere we go😃"
- @ hi_michelle_t

"This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, ear holes worked for every dog we tried it on which varied in size. No one seemed to mind the hat on and enjoyed the sun protection. Easy to put on with velcro strap and I can't emphasize this enough is SO FKIN CUTE"
- Connor E

"Perfect for a hike day! Super cute. My 9lb toy poodle wore on a hike in the Redwoods." 
- DressLover

"We are so IN LOVE! My 7lb Morkie Charlie Ray received his puplid today and is just as excited as we are. You see, his trucker hat matches his mullet perfectly lol. The fit is great and seems comfy enough. It doesn't fall off with the pupshake or even with his big sister Nova (shepadoodle) tugging on it... Thank you, Puplid!"
- Kylie M

"Awesome. Fits great and hard to shake off...he's used to it now and doesn't try to shake it anymore. Great quality as well."
- Lindsey M

"Trucker dog hat! Adorbs! Cute as a button!!! Our dog loves this and wears it in the sun as she's going blind!!! She can walk easily with it and doesn't fuss!"
- Hip

"Arguably the best $17 I ever spent. 😂"

- Edwin and Mac's pawrent

"So cute can't stand it. This was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I have a small/medium schnoodle and a small fits his head perfectly. Well made and just like a human trucker hat." 
- OkHckyLvr08

"This is the best hat! My sweet pup is so fair and I worried about him on our trip to the beach. This hat covered his eyes... It is perfect in every way!
- Kayla

"I am very impressed with the material and fit of this PupLid I ordered for my girl"
- Frankie

"Best purchase I've made in a while! My dog is very prone to sunburn, especially around his eyes and head. I got him one of these hats and not only does he look super handsome, he's protected too! Customer service is AMAZING - they seem to care about my dog as much as I do. If I could give 10 stars, I totally would. Thank you PupLid!"
- Nina S

"Fits purrfectly. Hey... cats can wear it too you know... now, he does not have to squint when basking in the sun." 🤣
- BerNard

"He loves the hat and when I tell him to get his hat he grabs it and brings it to me to put on."
- @rogerbluemagoo

"Sparky fell asleep wearing the PupLid hat! It must be very comfortable!"
- @sparkythemaltipom

"100% we love this item... It stays on our pup's head and we get compliments everywhere we go!!!... we ordered the small and it fits perfectly; 17 pound mini poodle."
- Julie H 

"My bulldog looks hilarious in this and I need more styles! His wide flat head is pretty tough to fit but the way this is made to adjust made it perfect!" 
- Kat

"The little guy has such big adorable eyes but they are sensitive to the sun and he doesn't care for goggles. The hat is working well for him! 💕Thank you!"
- @oliver.shih.tzu

"Best little trucker hat!! Cutest hat ever. Fits perfectly on my 6lb mini Dachshund with plenty of adjustable strap if she gets bigger. This little hat is made exactly like a human trucker cap as far as quality." 
- April

"Great product. Good quality and comfortable! My 2 babies love it!"
- Feng P

"We got the hat yesterday and it's 10x cuter than we imagined😭😭EmojiEmoji These little hats are the cutest thing for dogs I've seen in quite some time!EmojiEmoji"
- @iamwinstonpom

"Great investment! Adorable. Velcro makes for easy on/off. Sturdy, similar to a regular cap."
- Angelina

"I never thought about light sensitivities that come with big blue eyes until I noticed them squinting on sunny days, so I was very excited to find this adorable company!"
- @kylie_lyne, Tucker & Paislee's pawrent

"The cap fits her perfectly. Thanks for the nice design. Finally something that fits my Frenchie." 
- Chloe's pawrent

"The Puplid helps Rocky protect his eyes from the sun."
- Laura, pawrent of Rocky

“Eddy loves his PupLid cap! He knows it means he gets to go bye-bye. It goes on easily and stays put and keeps the sun off his head.”
- Lynette, pawrent of Eddy

"Well made hat and super cute. Just HAD to have this cool trucker hat for my chihuahua's summer wardrobe! It is very well constructed and seems comfortable for her to wear. Very pleased with this purchase."
- Stephanie B 

“The large size fits my boy Thor perfect! He is a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix and it was a perfect fit!”
- Emily, pawrent of Thor

“He just loves his tiny hat! Emoji He always squints so much but now he can walk without having to! Thank you guys so much for such an adorable and wonderful product!”
- @freddie_eddie_spaghetti

“I love my PupLid hat! It's cute, comfortable and I can wear it for hours!”
- Nala and pawrent

“I love my new trucker cap. Get so many compliments and it kept the sun outta my eyes! EmojiEmoji”  
- Doobie and pawrent

"They're so well designed. ❤❤" 
- @brunoandmea

“Gizmo wore it the whole time we were at the beach. The hat got a lot of compliments.”
- Tina C

"Bought for a friend's dog who is blind. It really helped him stop hitting his head. Looks cute." 

“The hats are even cuter in person! I can’t believe how adorable they are!”
- Lana

“There’s no other company like this!"
- @supercorgi_jojo

“We get so many great comments when we’re out and about and Duke’s wearing his PupLid.”
- Duke's pawrent

"I love the straps and velcro idea! It keeps on much better than other hat he has. We love it." 
- Arthur's pawrent

“We love your products so much!!!”
- Diana

"Awesome. Perfect Fit."
- Elizabeth H