The following folks were pretty stoked to share their impressions of the PupLid Trucker Hat for dogs.

"I think your PupLids are the best quality made hats out on the market."
- Patricia

“Eddy loves his PupLid cap! He knows it means he gets to go bye-bye. It goes on easily and stays put and keeps the sun off his head.”
- Lynette, pawrent of Eddy

“The large size fits my boy Thor perfect! He is a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix and it was a perfect fit!”
- Emily, pawrent of Thor

“He just loves his tiny hat! ♥ He always squints so much but now he can walk without having to! Thank you guys so much for such an adorable and wonderful product!”
- pawrent of @freddie_eddie_spaghetti

“I love my PupLid hat! It's cute, comfortable and I can wear it for hours!”
- Nala and pawrent

“I love my new trucker cap. Get so many compliments and it kept the sun outta my eyes! 🐾🐾”
- Doobie and pawrent

“The Puplid helps Rocky protect his eyes from the sun.”
- Laura

“Gizmo wore it the whole time we were at the beach.  The hat got a lot of compliments.”
- Tina C

“The hats are even cuter in person!  I can’t believe how adorable they are!”
- Lana

“There’s no other company like this!”
- pawrent of @supercorgi_jojo

“We get so many great comments when we’re out and about and Duke’s wearing his PupLid.”
- Duke's pawrent

“We love your products so much!!!”
- Diana

“The EXTENSIONs helped the hats fit perfectly”
- Lisa

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