How to Put on a PupLid

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Open the velcro chinstrap and place the PupLid on your dog's head. Gently pull their ears through the elastic loop on each side. Fasten the chinstrap under your dog's chin making sure to leave about two fingers of space between the chinstrap and your dog's neck - secure but not tight. To remove the hat, unfasten the chinstrap and gently lift the hat off your dog's head. Adjust the position of the PupLid by sliding the chinstrap forward or back along the elastic loops. The hat brim should sit over the eyes to provide the desired shade, so pull the hat forward and adjust the chinstrap accordingly. Once the right position is found, slide the side toggles down to lock the chinstrap position in place.

For Dogs with longer heads, bigger ears or thicker necks, removing the side toggles often helps - see below.