PupLid dog hats are designed with comfort and adjustability in mind to provide a custom fit for each dog’s unique head shape and size. Combining fun and vibrant graphics along with maximum size customization, PupLid hats are as stylish as they are functional.

The Furfect Fit®  System

We started PupLid to provide stylish sun protection for pets of all sizes, but dogs' heads vary greatly from breed to breed unlike our round human domes.

For this to work, it was essential that the hat stay in place. We didn't like how other dog hats stayed on - they sat too far back, restricted ear movement or used helmet straps(!) with buckles that pulled on the fur. No wonder why dogs don't like to wear (those) hats.

We created a new, streamlined design to allow maximum adjustability while keeping the ears free and the hat securely in place. We call this the Furfect Fit :)