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The Cities and States Collection

Introducing our newest collection of PupLid designs - the perfect way to show off your love for your furry friend and your favorite place at the same time! Our Cities and States Collection features hats adorned with iconic locations, so you can look stylish and rep your favorite spots.

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The Retro Collection

Get ready to groove with our latest collection! Inspired by the playful styles of the 60s, our new release is bursting with pops of color and retro vibes so you and your pup can channel your inner hippies together.

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Outdoor Collection

With sunnier days on the horizon, it's important to shield your furry friend from the sun. Stay stylish and protected on your next adventure with our curated collection of designs that inspire us to explore the great outdoors. Shop now and find the perfect PupLid for your pup.

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PupLid is for adventures...

Shop all our collections to find the perfect style to match you and your adventurous pup.

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Hats for cats too!

Sun Protection with Style | Hats for Dogs, Cats and Their Families

PupLid is co-founded by veterinarian Kathy Burnell, engineer Tony Choi and Buddy, who demanded sun protection with uncompromising style.

What do you get when you are a dog who loves the beach but have sun sensitive eyes, with a veterinarian mom and an engineer dad?

A custom designed dog hat that protects your eyes from the sun, of course!

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What Size PupLid Is My Dog?

Choosing the right dog hat size is essential to get the best fit and look for your pup. That's why we created this custom PupLid Dog Hat Sizing Chart.

Plus, check out our photo gallery of various breeds by size to help you select the perfect PupLid size for your dog!

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Will My Dog Wear a PupLid? Yes! Watch Our Training Video To See How